World Music Event

Ta-Ki-Ta and Sangha in Concert.
December 1st at St. Marks Anglican Church, 2nd and Larch Streets in Vancouver.

Two of Vancouver’s more unique world music groups are going to be performing a concert of Indian, Persian and world music. Ta Ki Ta is a mix of improvised music and classical Indian genras mixed to create a blend of interesting sounds . More info about them at From their website:

Ta Ki Ta combines North Indian classical music, jazz, and other world music styles into a seamless whole where Eastern and Western instruments, rhythms and melodies are treated on equal footing. The origins of Ta Ki Ta began in 2004 as a series of musical experiments and concerts by Hari Pal (tabla) and Jared Burrows (guitar). Though they played and performed well with many other fine musicians, it was after meeting Ken Wells (sarode) that a really unique and powerful group sound emerged. The group’s name, Ta Ki Ta is a reference to the syllables commonly used in Indian music to represent a three-part rhythm.

Also on the same program will be Sangha. From their website at :

Sangha is a Tar, Oud, Tombak and Tabla Quartet from Vancouver B.C. Like its instrumentation suggests Sangha is a combination of a number of improvisational traditions, predominantly Arabic, Persian and Indian. There are Indian classical rhythms mixed with Persian Improvisation in one piece, Arabic melodic modulation set in a Persian mode in another, and an African melody set inside a Westernized improvisational structure in the next. Having such a mix of styles the music could sound chaotic and directionless but due to each traditions emphasis on listening, subtlety and space the music comes off as purposeful and organic. With traditions this varied a mixture of styles is inevitable, so the musicians focus on creating music in the moment. This allows the varied influences to naturally blend together without being forced or diluted. The result is a sound similar to Vancouver, a melting pot of musical traditions forging a new path. Sangha has performed for Caravan World Rhythms, Kelowna’s Summer Arts Festival, the Asian Heritage Month Western Front concert series, a CBC National broadcast, and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens Enchanted Evenings concert series.

The concert will be December 1st at St. Marks Anglican Church, 2nd and Larch Streets in Vancouver. Check for info about tickets.

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