Sponsorship and our Workshop – Why we need your help…

The South Delta Jazz Workshop has been largely self-supporting through tuition fees and concert ticket sales.

Tuition fees alone can only support a limited number of faculty members and guest artists, which restricts the scope of what the workshop can offer

Download Festival Brochure – Goals and Values

Sponsorship dollars help us to:

  • Keep tuition fees down
  • Offer scholarships to talented students who lack the financial means to attend
  • Expand our concert series and cover artist fees
  • Expand our advertising and promotional efforts and allow us to communicate the important work we are doing to the community
  • Keep concert ticket prices low and accessible for the general public and offer free concerts (outdoor and other public venues) at a number of locations throughout Delta.
  • Add new full or part-time faculty members to help cope with increasing enrolments

Why Support the South Delta Jazz Workshop?

  • Enrich and enliven the cultural life of Delta through the development of cultural events at a professional level.
  • Help our young people develop and grow musically, socially, and intellectually.
  • Associate your company’s with a positive, visible performing arts community event
  • Build our community pride and spirit through public concerts; help us create a professional concert series in your community

The Future:

  • The Delta Jazz Workshop began in 2004 and is growing every year.
  • We are working towards expanding the Jazz Festival component of the event as the educational component grows.

Thank you to our Festival Sponsors and supporters! 

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