Workshop Combo Classes

This program gives musicians of all levels the opportunity to explore and deepen their understanding of jazz improvisation and advance their practical ability in the context of ensemble performance. Vocals and all instruments are welcome! This year the in-person workshop is open to students 13 years and older as well as adults.

Our in-person combo classes will also have access to online resources such as instructional course documents, online play-along tracks, and more  These will help enhance the total experience.

Tuesday through Friday 9:30 – 4:30 pm, Saturday TBA 


Early Bird Price – $525.00 until June 20th, 
– June 24th and later,  $625.00

Student Concert
– Saturday, August 17th, 12 – 3 pm 



Workshop faculty

Len Aruliah, Kris Bowerman,  Brent Gubbels, Thomas Holden, Brad Muirhead, Stephen Robb, Ron Samworth, Elliot Polsky


To apply for this year’s Jazz Workshop please go to the Workshop application form







South Delta Jazz Workshop

Come Join Us!

Our in-person combo rehearsals return to Ladner this year and will be held at the Music School and surrounding area.


Each day in early afternoon combo participants will take part in a masterclass that will examine a particular jazz style or jazz improv concept that will be explored with the group in detail.

In Person Combo Classes

Each combo will rehearse in-person with coaching from one of our faculty over 8 two-hour sessions in total, as per their individual combo schedule.

Festival Concerts

Workshop participants will have admission to festival concerts held during the Festival weeks..