Guest artists 2024

Van Django

We are pleased to announce “Van Django” is our guest artist for the 2024 South Delta Jazz Festival.

“Our music is well-rooted in the gypsy jazz of 1930’s Paris France, but beyond that it’s all pure blue-skying; flights of dazzling fancy, driving rhythms and boundless creativity, featuring original compositions and arrangements including humorous mash-ups wearing their eclectic influences in full regalia.”

Since the group’s formation in 1998, they have toured extensively in Canada as well as international forays to the US, Europe, and China.

Perhaps Nick Lehr, former director of Djangofest Northwest, summed it up best by describing Van Django when he said:

In an increasingly crowded niche, Van Django is a standout act. With a clever mix of contemporary standards, classical ditties, rock homages and solid originals they effortlessly whip the audience into a joyful frenzy. Attending a Van Django concert is the most fun you can have sitting down with your clothes on.”

Violin / Cameron Wilson
Guitar / Budge Schachte
Guitar & Cello / Finn Manniche
Bass / Brent Gubbels



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