Day 3

Day 3 of the workshop we welcomed our second guest performer of the week, John Doheny from New Orleans. John gave a rousing noon hour performance, followed by a guest lecture about the life and music of New Orleans. John teaches at Tulane University in New Orleans, and one of the courses he teaches there is about New Orleans and its rich tradition of jazz, from the street music Caribbean roots to its traditional brass bands and funeral marches, something we will probably never really see in this country, or even in other places in the US.

Tonight was the live jazz jam at Petras with our workshop students and extra guests. About 100 people came through this evening to see friends and hear our students performing. The weather came through for us, after being rainy and cool earlier this week today it warmed up and sun came out. It was a great evening, with lots of workshop musicians and other guests coming out to perform. Thanks to Petra for hosting us.

Tomorrow we have Dr. Dave Branter coming out to work with us. Dave is one of Vancouver’s top saxophonists, and we are looking forward to having him perform and work with our students.

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