Week 2 – In-person workshop combos 1 & 2

Rob Kohler & John Stowell

We begin Week 2 with our first in-person combo sessions.  This week combos 1 & 2 will be in residence with us, combo 1 at the Kinsroom at McKee House in Ladner, and Combo 2 at the Red Barn at Southlands in Tsawwassen.  Each group will have morning and afternoon rehearsals coached by jazz festival faculty. Also each day they will be presented a virtual faculty concert at 12 noon, followed by a virtual masterclass delivered to the students at both locations at the same time in real-time.  We have set up Zoom rooms with large screen TVs in both locations to accommodate this.

We are using Google Classroom this year to share all of our workshop resources. Students should sign into their accounts at classroom.google.com to access the various classrooms that have been created for them (depending on the programs they signed up for). 

Special thanks to Rob Kohler for designing the online format for us this year, and to all of the distance faculty who are with us virtually online this year! You have made this into a truly international jazz workshop! 

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